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Knowing where your business is going and how best to get there is fundamental to all organisations, large or small. As the saying goes ‘fail to plan is planning to fail’.

Greenborough is able to help you work out the direction you wish your business to take or assist you if you need to draw up a plan for external audiences (banks, investors or grant funders) We will sit down with you to determine where you are now, where you want to be and the best route to get you there. The resulting plan will be specific to your business and requirements and be a living document which you are in control of as time moves on.


Marketing Plans

Marketing these days relies on a bit more than simply placing an advert to promote your products or services…

Do you know what constitutes a perfect client or customer for you and where you can find them? Do you know your competitors and what makes you different to them?

By working through our marketing planning process, we will help you to identify opportunities and threats and much more leading to you developing a specific marketing plan for your business. This will incorporate traditional marketing methods such as branding, advertising and pricing as well as helping you to understand the world of digital and social media and how they could be relevant and useful to you.

Let us help you to ensure your valuable investment, whether in time or money, leads to measurable results.

Click Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery to view our ‘Basics of Branding’ guide.


The most important asset of any business is its people. A cliché, but true!

Many businesses underestimate this very valuable asset and Greenborough can help you understand and identify any skills gaps that may exist and how your people can best represent the ethos of your organisation.

In line with your vision, values and strategies our specialist team will advise on training and deliver a plan to close those gaps and provide you with the most effective team that you can have.

Innovation Support

There really is no point in reinventing the wheel… but making that wheel turn easier and faster – well you just would, wouldn’t you.

Sometimes, by looking in from the outside, it’s easier to see what a big difference a small change can make. This is what we do.

We will help you to identify the opportunities for change and innovation – whether through product, service or process – to see what a big difference one small change can impact on your productivity, efficiency and value.

10by10 Business Accelerator Programme

10by10 is an Accelerator Programme, designed and developed by Greenborough Management Ltd, in partnership with Knowing How and supported by Streets Chartered Accountants and Fraser Brown Solicitors.

The Programme provides an incredible opportunity for 10 businesses with growth potential to benefit from intensive development support over 10 workshops.

The programme is built around business development, training and support, with access to mentors providing expert advice across the workshops, in addition to one-to-one support – a new and exciting opportunity for Lincolnshire businesses!

Case Study: West Lindsey District Council

Greenborough are providing invaluable support to the Council towards the delivery and management of a grant scheme that helps Gainsborough businesses to invest and grow.

Russell and his Team’s approach is to provide a friendly, honest and professional service that brings a breadth of experience to the table, across all stages of the funding process and the project cycle. They are always ready to go the extra mile and take the initiative to discuss and share innovative ideas with us to improve the way we assist our customers.

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