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Our specialists are able to assist with grant funding opportunities, training and so much more – check out our case studies and testimonials below to find out who we have helped, and how!

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    Greenborough have helped Wolds Manufacturing Services with a number of succesful grant applications over the past 6 months, from relatively small scale grants for new equipment through to a significant capital grant to enable Wolds to build our own purpose-built factory.

    Throughout the whole process, Michelle and her colleagues have been fantastic. They have helped us navigate the grants landscape; hand-held us through the processes and kept us fully informed and engaged from start to finish.  We cannot thank them enough!

    – Wayne Baker, Managing Director, Wolds Manufacturing Services

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    When looking for investment to help grow  my business, I sought advice from Russell Copley of Greenborough.

    Throughout the lengthy, and quite stressful, process of finding investors and negotiating a £1 million equity deal, Russell was always available to listen, advise and support.

    Your Print Partner is grateful to Russell and Greenborough for his help and support, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others looking for business investment.

    -Stuart McLaren, Group CEO – YPP Group

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    I have received business support from Russell over the last year which has helped given me clarity about where my business could grow and achieve the goals I’ve set for it. Russell offers his honest thoughts when I questioned him about challenges I was having. His knowledge of business growth comes across as he is genuinely interested in your business success. He is able to give you well thought out solutions and actions which you can take away and work on, and has helped me think more strategically about the business. He is well networked and has been able to link me with other people who are able to support me in my business growth as well as people who I could collaborate with for mutual benefit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Russell and his team at Greenborough for all your business growth needs. Thank you Russell for your time & patience!

    – Rachel Linstead, Firecracker UK

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    From the moment I contacted Amy at Greenborough, I received fantastic service with clear communication about the grant funding and how it would benefit my business and also hands-on support with applying for the funding. It has been a seamless and pain-free process. The funding from the Lincolnshire Investment Network has been crucial in helping me launch my new company through the creation of a new website and I thoroughly recommend this to businesses in need of support.

    – Sarah Parsons, Japan in Perspective

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    “We are thrilled to have had training and support from Russell. Through numerous meetings, Russell mentored and focused our minds, to enable us to have an excellent understanding of funding and pitching. His training proved priceless when we appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and the hours of practice gave us the confidence and knowledge needed to pitch in such a pressurised area. His training helped us grasp the various aspects of the funding landscape and helped us to become ready for the pitch itself and the following opportunities that arose from that event. We are very grateful for his professionalism and encouragement – we could not have been funding ready without the training he provided.”

    – Paula Short and Rachel de Caux, Co-Directors

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    “Greenborough responded exceptionally quickly to our request for guidance on relevant grant funding. We wished to make an investment in order to diversify our market research offering and make involving Lincolnshire residents and businesses in research projects much easier to achieve. We benefitted greatly from Russell’s accessible expertise and intimate knowledge of the grant funding solutions on offer. Russell suggested that we apply for a Proof of Concept grant under the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire. The whole team at Greenborough appreciated the urgency with which we needed to progress the funding and did their utmost to support us. We were successful in our application and have within the space of a just a few short weeks’ put the new survey platform to good use live in market.”

    – David Jones, Managing Director

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    “As a small Lincolnshire business we had been looking for funding opportunities for a while. I was introduced to Russell by a representative of the Local Enterprise Program .Within no time at all we had arranged a meeting and  not long after Russell visited our office.

    Russell took the time to listen and understand the business and what it needed to propel it forward. He gave a few suggestions and also introduced me to other associates of his who could potentially give the right advice.

    Last week we finally secured the funding for expansion that we needed all thanks to the guidance and good advice from Russell. Something that seemed like a minefield at first was made to feel simplistic and straight forward. If you are looking for the same advice, help and guidance  then I recommend the team at Greenborough” – Sion Roberts, Managing Director

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    Through our delivery of the Lincolnshire Investment Network, TFM Country Store were able to secure funding to maximise their revenue generation.

    In 1976, A W Neville Ltd – trading as Thorpe Farm Repairs – relocated to Whisby, Lincolnshire, and following a change in management in 1995, the business started to evolve, eventually being renamed ‘TFM Country Store’.

    The family-run business specialises in animal products, equipment hire and work wear, and upon the appointment of Directors Nikki and James Harris in 2013, the business proceeded to venture into the business to business side of work acting as a retailer for animal feed, equipment and plant hire for businesses, as well as business to customer sales. Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery

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    Enterprise Inc2 was a three-year project running from 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2014, following the successful delivery of Enterprise Inc and an earlier SPEED project. The overall aim of the project was to support enterprise skills development and to enable beneficiaries to create sustainable, successful business enterprises. The beneficiaries were recent graduates (or those about to graduate) from the following universities; University of Derby, De Montfort University, Leicester, University of Lincoln and University of Northampton.

    The above Universities were delivery partners with the overall project being managed and co-ordinated by EMIN; EMIN being the accountable body and contract holder with the ERDF secretariat. Tramadol Online Fast Delivery

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    Tended was established in April 2017 by Leo Scott-Smith, as a company specialising in personal safety wearables and monitoring systems. The concept behind Tended originated from an innovative idea to create an off-the-shelf, subscription free personal safety solution.

    Their device –Tended Protect – combines patent pending wearable technology and machine learning to effectively detect emergency situations as soon as they happen. It is a wrist-worn wearable safety device which monitors the movements of the user through artificial intelligence and has the ability to learn and detect ‘abnormalities’, such as a fall or strong impact. Whilst Tended had the idea of what to create, it was a case of how they were going to fund the implementation and facilitate the testing of such a product. More…

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    We’re happy to advise and find the best solution for you and getting the growth you need.

    These are some of the funds we’re directly involed in securing for your business growth. If you need somthing more bespoke we’re happy to help.

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