Crazy business ideas.. or not so crazy?

How many times have you heard those words, and suddenly felt your idea wasn’t worth putting in the time and effort to make that idea a reality? This is what entrepreneurs are facing on a daily basis – but, between us, if you put that time and effort into that wild idea, it just may come to fruition. After all, we can think of several ideas which at the time no-one took seriously – well, until the bank statements had six figures!


Air BnB

In 2007, Joe and Brian, who had been friends for five years, decided to rent out their living room with three blow up beds at $80 a night. Within the first week, they were cooking breakfast for their 3 guests (and making $260 a night!). Well, as you can imagine they became pretty excited at the thought of being able to make this into a bigger project, and that’s just what they did! This simple room letting turned into allowing anyone from anywhere to book a treehouse, castle or just have a nap in someone’s living room anywhere in the world! This business success is just phenomenal – especially given the concept was very simple!


Microwave Pillows
Kim Lavine was a mother who simply created a lavender infused comforter that she could warm up for her children. However, after discussing with other parents at the school gates, the comforter started a frenzy of interest and, from this, she started to make more for children at the same school. This then led her business to become organically grown. Kim has now used her success to become a critically acclaimed bestselling business author and inspiration advisor. Kim’s business is a classic example of a crazy business idea.


At fourteen most teenagers are playing sports, spending time on their games consoles, or merely spending time with friends. Fraser Doherty was a little different. Fraser Doherty kept himself entertained by making his gran’s jam. Two years later, Fraser left school with a dream to pursue his 100% Fruit Jam Company. Since then, Fraser’s company has grown to supply over 2,000 supermarkets worldwide – in addition to ‘SuperJam’ winning over 20 innovation awards. Fraser now shares his story as a speaker at events and is the author of two books – it just goes to show that age has no boundary when it comes to innovation!


If you have a wild business idea, please get in touch with us – we can help you with the business planning and the (seemingly daunting!) financials!

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