GDPR – What does it mean for digital marketing?

5th May 2018

The new GDPR regulations come into force on 25th May 2018 – but what does that really mean in terms of digital marketing? The new legislation changes quite a few aspects of digital marketing compliance, including what your privacy policy covers, how your company obtained the data, and the definition and implementation of ‘opting in’ and consent, but although the legislation is daunting, there are opportunities within this that are advantageous to your company.

Reviewing and sorting through data is not an exciting task, and we’re sure a lot of us are guilty of putting off that particular task – however, with GDPR coming into play in a matter of twenty-four days, we all need to make sure that the data we hold is up to date – no option of putting this off, but how great will you feel after you’ve done it?

Successfully delivering guidance on the GDPR to your employees and potentially other businesses, can only boost your company’s profile!

Now that clients and followers of your company will now be required to ‘opt in’ to your marketing campaigns, those who do opt-in will be more engaged with the campaigns your company are delivering as they have requested to receive more information on a regular basis. Therefore, the higher click through and engagement rates will be higher – which can only be seen as a positive thing! Sometimes it’s not the number of followers you have, but the number of engaged followers you have that make the difference!

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