Greenborough set to Multiply numerical skills for adult learners

Greenborough Management are already well established as corporate growth and mentorship consultants. With over twenty years of experience helping businesses – and the individuals within them – develop and prosper, Greenborough were an obvious choice to facilitate the new government-funded Multiply programme, delivered under Lincolnshire County Council.

Multiply is a new, free course designed to fit around family and work demands, enabling learners to get the most out of the experience. It is part of the Government’s wider Skills for Life programme, and there are only two basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to enroll:

  • The learner must be aged over 19
  • The learner doesn’t already have a GCSE grade C/4 or higher in Maths

Greenborough founder Russell Copley can’t wait for the programme to get underway. ‘Multiply is a fantastic opportunity for adults to up their numeracy game, gaining evergreen skills that will help them in everyday life as well as in the workplace,’ he notes. ‘Projects like this keep Greenborough’s enthusiasm bubbling over – we know it’ll make a difference to so many people in the Lincolnshire area, while also positively impacting their employers’.

Russell is also highly pleased with the versatility of the course. Accessibility was a key consideration in the programme’s design, leading to the launch of a new digital platform which will enable learners to complete training on demand, at their own pace. So whatever your daily routine or learning style, Multiply will work for you. Learners can complete the course in gradual bite-size chunks – or alternatively cover the curriculum in a quicker and more intensive timeframe. Additional support is available, should students need additional encouragement or assistance in completing the course.

Employers are invited to let staff take the course during work hours, to boost their workforce’s numeracy skills. Businesses who develop their employees’ numeracy skills can increase productivity and profits and improve staff retention. Multiply will also help employers develop a clearer idea of their workforce’s skill levels.

However, the benefits are also very real outside of the workplace. Greenborough’s Russell notes ‘On the home front, Multiply’s numeracy skills help with budgeting household finances and even assisting the kids with homework. Good basic numeracy is a vital life skill, whichever way you look at it’.

Breaking down the course content, Russell explains that learners will enroll one of two workshops, depending on their current level of mathematical knowledge. Attendees can gain confidence in ‘Basic Business Numeracy’ or upskill existing know-how with ‘Better Business Numeracy’. Both workshops last three hours. Upon completion, attendees will have a basic functional knowledge of:

  • Revenue streams
  • Costs (fixed, variable, overhead)
  • Profit (gross and net)
  • Margins and mark-ups (percentages)

In layman’s terms, this equates a good, applied knowledge of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and percentages and fractions. At the end of each workshop there will be a light touch “assessment” to ensure that the topics have been effectively understood.

‘No cheating allowed!’ jokes Russell, adding ‘After the delivery of this course material, I’m confident that our learners won’t even think of looking up any answers online. They’ll have the understanding and knowledge in their heads, ready to be applied afterwards at work as well as in their everyday lives. This will boost attendees’ confidence as well as their practical skills, and I’m proud of Greenborough Management’s involvement in this programme’.

Basic Numeracy course dates

Starting in July 2023, Greenborough will host the ‘Basic Numeracy’ course online. Secure your free place by following the link to Eventbrite.







Better Numeracy course dates

The ‘Better Numeracy’ qualification will help you gain the numeracy skills you need for work and are recognised by employers. Starting in August 2023, Greenborough will host this course online. Secure your free place by following the link to Eventbrite.





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