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Russell Copley and Michelle Davis
Russell Copley & Michelle Davis

When it comes to developing a young business, having the right partner can make all the difference. That’s where Greenborough Management comes in. With 20 years of industry insight and experience guiding businesses along the path to success, Greenborough is a trusted and reliable business management partner. High growth businesses are often younger, so naturally need support in different areas. Start-up businesses may need to fine tune their ideas, document their goals, determine their value proposition and more. Thankfully, the team at Greenborough have seen most of the challenges businesses face before.


The Greenborough advantage

Greenborough’s two decades of experience bring many unique advantages, but our strength has always lied in our ability to stay current, agile, and being able to anticipate the partner’s requirements. Often, this is by proposing a solution that the business hasn’t yet considered.

Greenborough have used this knowledge to design the 10×10® Business Accelerator Programme. This initiative allows 10 businesses from any sector to access intensive business training and support over a 10 week period. The workshops are facilitated by experts and mentors that are leading in their field. Already hugely successful, 10×10® helps the 10 businesses to form a strong peer network that supports them along the programme duration. This initiative has been successfully implemented in a number of current, and past programmes.

In addition to our funding expertise, Greenborough offers a range of workshops and coaching programmes designed specifically for young businesses. These programmes cover essential topics such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and more. These workshops provide entrepreneurs with essential business insights and practical skills that will help them succeed in today’s competitive market.



Programme Management

Our list of current and completed programmes is an impressive reflection on the scale and diversity of our management and support skills, from navigating Crowdfunding to understanding equity investment for business.

Crucially, a key advantage in partnering with Greenborough is our expertise in funding and investment readiness. We understand the challenges that arise when it comes to securing funding, from both an interpersonal and an administrative perspective. With our assistance, preparing core documentation for investors, or finding the confidence to showcase your business, will be a realistic goal.

Furthermore, it could be that our team recognise that you’re not yet ready for investment. In which case, we can guide you through the next steps to help get you there.

Greenborough founder Russell Copley sees the bigger picture in large-scale funding applications, providing a valuable overview – but he’s also able to dial down into the all-important details of bidding for, managing, delivering, and evaluating projects using a range of public funds. When it comes to developing a compelling funding pitch, Russell and the Greenborough team can provide valuable guidance every step of the way.

Russell states, “Having seen a number of businesses from all sectors prepare for funding, we have become attuned to knowing what it takes to take your business to the next step. If you’re not ready, we’re honest and open about that. If you need a gentle nudge to improve your confidence, we absolutely have your back.”



Getting ready to pitch for investment

The Derby Innovation Accelerator

The Derby Innovation Accelerator programme aims to establish Angel Investment and Investor Networks in the region. As enterprise advisors, Greenborough Management Limited are beside those involved in the programme, coaching them on how to pitch to a panel for investment. Assisting through the ‘Access to Angel and Investor Networks’ stream, we help businesses understand equity investment and prepare their core documentation for investors.

The programme provides coaching, mentoring, workshops, and pitch events to develop the local investor network, delivered through various channels. Candidates have completed the workshops on ‘Investment Readiness’ and ‘A Business Plan For Funding’, and will conclude this part of the programme with a Business Angels vs Crowdfunding workshop. The live pitch final for this year’s cohort takes place on the 13th March 2024.


Taming The Dragons


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Greenborough’s ‘Taming the Dragons’ has successfully ran for 11 consecutive years, and aims to help businesses to achieve the investment required for growth. This Dragon’s Den style event involves local businesses pitching their ideas and plans to a panel of four ‘dragons’ in the hope of securing a business investment deal. We work with and guide aspiring businesses through the pitching process, streamlining their proposal and helping them to understand what areas of the business need investment.

The Eleventh edition of Taming The Dragons took place on the 22nd November 2023, at the Lincoln International Business School – University of Lincoln. Russell Copley welcomed 4 excellent entrepreneurs, who each pitched their brilliant business ideas to our Angel Investors, with Helen Clayton from Baa Baby sharing a winning pitch, and being awarded a £1,000 cheque by Russell and James Pinchbeck, Chair of the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub Board.



Funded and sector specific programmes

Many businesses are additionally searching for industry-specific investment opportunities. Greenborough’s bank of knowledge and comprehensive network of contacts can help in priming young businesses to connect with funding sources that align with their goals and vision. Greenborough are currently delivering the Lincolnshire Investment Network (LIN) Investment Readiness programme. Since 2012, they have helped hundreds of businesses across Greater Lincolnshire area, with clients raising over £14.8m in grant, debt and equity. (With some also appearing on TV’s Dragons Den!).

Having been involved in the first Create Growth programme in the East Midlands, Greenborough were able to work closely with creative businesses on their growth goals. Create Growth is now recruiting the next 2 cohorts in Leicester.

Similar projects are being developed nationally each year, so we’re always on hand to guide businesses across the UK as they look for support.

Northern Max Accelerator

An area of huge success for Greenborough, has been with the Northern Max Accelerator programme in Bradford. For 4 consecutive years, we have successfully delivered our 10×10® Business Accelerator Programme to early-stage digital and tech businesses in Bradford. In 2024, Northern Max Accelerator will be delivered across two areas for the first time. Free to enrol, this support is readily available for early stage businesses from Leeds and Bradford as they look to grow.

Michelle Davis, Director of Business Services at Greenborough says, “10×10 has been hugely successful in Bradford. Previously, we have delivered under the AD:VENTURE programme which was ERDF funded. Now that the funding has ended, the programme will be delivered across two districts and UKSPF funded.”



For more information about Greenborough’s Programme Management work and achievements, visit our dedicated webpage: The examples highlighted provide an insight into what Greenborough can do for any business that’s driven to collaborate them, or join one of their programmes or workshops. With Greenborough’s support and guidance, young businesses can navigate challenges, develop resilience, and feel confident about the future of their business.

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