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1st February 2019



Since 2016 we have held the brokerage contract for the Grants 4 Growth programme across the whole of Lincolnshire, helping small and medium enterprises access capital growth funding towards their investment in plant and machinery. Our role includes marketing the programme, assessing eligibility and fit, supporting and evaluating the Expressions of Interest and presenting supported applications to the fortnightly Grant Panel for approval.  We also help grant beneficiaries with their claims, ensuring that funds are drawn down in accordance with the grant award.

Enterprise Inc 1 and 2

These back-to-back, multi-University, ERDF funded projects aimed at increasing the number of graduate start-ups through our University partners in the East Midlands. With £5.73 million of funding across the 2 programmes, over a 6 year period, we provided the critical project management and direction; managed the bursary and grant payment processes; tracked beneficiary recruitment and throughput; undertook all quarterly claims; managed the annual monitoring and audit processes and drafted the funding applications with and for the University partners.  Over the 6 years, more than 450 new businesses were created and supported.

Partnerships in Knowledge Transfer

This was a £1.31 million ERDF project supporting knowledge transfer from 3 of the Region’s Universities into the small and medium business community by way of graduate placements for periods of up to 12 months. Greenborugh’s role was as project manager, claim manager, marketer and compliance officer.


This 2 year project supported small and medium enterprises across the East Lindsey District by providing focused and bespoke business support, advice and guidance. Much of the advice provided was in response to the lack of business growth finance, and the unpreparedness of many of the businesses to approach finance options.

Business Growth and Finance

An 18 month ERDF funded programme to help businesses across the County of Lincolnshire to improve their understanding of their own barriers to business growth and to raise the awareness of, and appetite for, a range of business growth funding options.

Business Growth and Innovation

This 12 month pilot to the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire was delivered by Greenborough in response to regional need for further investment in business innovation, research and development.

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