Spring Clean Your Business!

1st May 2018

Spring is finally here; flowers shooting up from the ground, lambs and young animals being born – what better way to start the season than with a good old Spring Clean?
We of course don’t mean cleaning the dust off your shelves (although if they’re particularly dusty, this may be a good time to do such a thing, too!) – but companies have  found that by transferring this springtime tradition to the workplace, it can  give the business a new lease of life!

Mission Statement
One of the first things to look into is the business Mission Statement – considering whether the current statement is still relevant to your company’s strategic goals and vision.

Tailor the Skills
Whereas the tools for gardening may need sharpening at home, this is also a good time for employees to review and refine their skills and expertise – or even learn new skills to improve work efficiency.

It may be that your company has been using the same branding for many, many years, and you feel it’s the right time for a  spruce up – whether that be new shapes, new colours – or maybe just a little extra addition! A brand is of course much more than the logo, shapes and colours – it’s the expectation from customers, and the company’s value. However, if your business has ventured into new territories, it may be a good time to rejuvenate the branding.

Clear out Clutter
Are there certain business activities that no longer add value to the company? Has the business changed vastly in terms of what they offer and what services they provide? If so, it’s probably a good idea that these are packed away, allowing space to focus energy on progressing the business. In addition, it may be sensible to deal with any issues surrounding employees and colleagues

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